10 Riskiest foods

Our food supply is among the best and safest in the world. Even so, there are some foods that present potential hazards for contamination. You may remember the outbreak of E. Coli in spinach that had the green leafy vegetable pulled from grocery store shelves across the nation. Nearly every year, a recall of beef occurs. And who can forget the months of peanut butter products we lived without in 2009.

This is just a fact of the massive amounts of foods our supply system generates.
Food contamination also comes from some sources you may not expect. The Food & Drug Administration has published a new report that lists the top 10 riskiest foods which accounted for nearly 40% of outbreaks since 1990.
1. Leafy Greens
2. Eggs
3. Tuna
4. Oysters
5. Potatoes
6. Cheese
7. Ice Cream
8. Tomatoes
9. Sprouts
10. Berries

It is important to note that much contamination and spoilage can occur after the food is brought home. Careful storage and handling is crucial to preventing spoilage once food is in your home. The proverbial “cool, dry, dark” place represents ideal conditions for nearly all foods. Heat and moisture are the two main culprits behind food spoilage and contamination. Check food often and consume it quickly for best results. A weekly menu plan is a great tool for making the most efficient use of the foods you buy and avoiding food waste.


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