Articles from January 2010

Italian Inspiration – Seasonings Made Simple

So cut up some fresh Vegetables & cook them in an Oil with a Savory element. Season them with Herbs & Spices along with some Nuts or Extras. Serve beside a lean protien such as fish or chicken or over a pile of Grains and presto, Healthy Meals Made Easily!

New Game Plan for Game night

Time the servings. Build anticipation for each course by bringing out a few items at a time. Just becasuse it’s a smorgasboard, doesn’t mean you have to abandon the idea of eating in courses. Start with light items such as nuts, cheeses, and dips.

Green Red & Yellow Curry exposed

Basic technique is to heat a bit of coconut milk over medium heat until is begins to bubble and release its fragrance. Then stir in a spoonful of curry paste and fry for a few more minutes before adding the primary ingredients of your dish.

On digestive fire

Now think of grilled chicken and baked pototes. That ought to “stick to your ribs”. It is exactly that full, heavy feeling that signals a slow digestive process that can lead to bloating or weight gain.