Articles from August 2013

Jicama Cole Slaw and Julienne peeler demo

Jicama is a crunchy, sweet root vegetable. It makes a great addition to Coleslaw. Here in this video demonstration you will learn how to make a fast, easy, healthy version of a sweet and sour style coleslaw. Jicama, ginger and a secret lime dressing make this dish some together quickly. You will also see a […]

Mediterranean Style Poached Fish

Poaching fish is a fast, easy way to prepare it. You can even cook it from frozen. This demo video shows how to prepare a Mediterranean style version using tomato, onion, and Aleppo pepper.   Get this great recipe here –> Mediterranean Diet Recipes The book “Mediterranean Diet Recipes for Weight loss” include lots of […]

Are U a Good Fish or a Bad Fish? (part 1)

Fish and seafood can be an important part of healthy eating habits. Sadly, our oceans are rapidly losing their ability to provide us with this valuable food source. In this first post of the series, we we look at the nature of the problem. Watch the video below. It’s a real eye opener for many […]

Ounces or Tons!

Each day we face a choice to practice discipline.  Some days it’s easier than others to stay on track with our goals. The thing is, after a while, discipline can lead to habits. Habits are by their nature, effortless (good and bad habits both come easily). One eating habit we get into is eating for […]