3 reasons to fall for Butternut Squash

You know carrots are a good source of vitamin A. Did you know butternut squash is another great source? Affordable, easily available and versitile  are only a few reasons to “butter-up”.

Indian Menu of Chana Masala Cabbage Sabzi Butternut Puree

Indian Menu of Chana Masala Cabbage Sabzi Butternut Puree

1) Affordable:

Most groceries and farmer’s markets will have piles of squashes available from early fall into winter. Look for a deep tan color and smooth skin. Butternuts range in size from small enough for a single serving to large enough to make a huge pot of soup out of. This is one heavyweight that won’t break the bank. expect to pay $1 – $2  per pound even for organic.

2) Easily Available:

In the right environment, cool, dry, & dark, squashes can keep well for months. Think the bottom of closet or cabinet. Even your garage is the temperature there is appropriate (above freezing).

Having a butternut handy makes dinner planning easy.

3) Versatile:

Baked, Stewed or Steamed, butternuts cook quickly in 40 minutes or less. Bake squash halfs until tender and stuff with beans, other vegetables, or simply enjoy with dab of butter. Peeled and cut into 1 inch chunks, butternut will steam in about 15 minutes or so. From there the chunks can be tossed with black beans for a great salad or pureed into a creamy side dish. Perhaps my favorite way to prepare these tan beauties is stewed in coconut milk to create delicious Thai Green Curry such as the one in my eBook, “Recipes to Thai For“. (click the link to see the book)

Stuffed Squash

Stuffed squash w spinach mushroom

More to Love:

With it’s bright orange flesh, butternut is loaded with beta-carotene that your body converts into vitamin A, more than 3,000 IU from only 1 cup! Why should you care? Vitamin A has been shown to ward off skin disorders, help prevent age related vision loss such as AMD, and even stave off leukemia. The combination of fiber and potassium can protect against heart disease and high blood pressure.

Low price, easy preperation, and high nutrition make butternut squash a winner all around!


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  1. Louella Santobello says:

    Squashes are a new adventure for me, so especially inspiring is this info on them.