Thai Fish – Fast Easy and Delicious!

One of the simplest ways to cook fish is right on the stove top using a shallow pan with a lid. Start by cooking a some vegetables and a savory element in oil. Add a small amount of liquid and bring it to a boil. Lay the fish on top, cover it, and within 10 minutes, it’s meal time!

This technique is very well suited for white fleshed fish fillets such as tilapia or sole. You can even cook the fish directly from frozen. Now “I forgot to take something out of the freezer”, is no obstacle for you.

Colorful cooked fish fillet

Fast and Healthy Thai Fish Recipe


Here is what I did for the Thai style dish pictured here:

Heat some peanut oil in a shallow pan over medium high heat.

Cut up some vegetables such as carrot and red bell pepper and toss them into the pan..

Finely chop a savory element such as ginger, and add it to the vegetables. Add in an extra or two such as grated coconut and lemon grass.

Pour in enough liquid (chicken stock or even water) to cover the bottom of the pan by ¼ inch and let it come to a boil. Season with fish sauce or soy sauce.

Place the fish on top and cover the pan. Reduce the heat to an active simmer and cook until the fish is opaque and flakes easily (8-10 minutes).

Scoop the fish onto a plate and top with a squirt of lime juice, and some chopped cilantro or green onion.


That was about as easy as it gets, don’t you agree?. Use what you have on hand. If you start with ingredients you love and put your heart into it, the results will stir your soul. I promise.

There are many variations on this basic technique. Just by varying the vegetables and seasonings you can make Mexican, Indian, or Mediterranean style dishes. Search this blog for Seasonings Made Simple for guidelines on each of these cuisines.

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