A Simple way to drain Tofu

When using tofu in stir frys or other preparations, draining the liquid out of it can make a huge difference in the texture, flavor, and browning of this food.

Since tofu has little to no flavor of it’s own, it takes on  other flavors really well. A key to that is getting the liquid out of it so it can better absorb sauces or broths. Just like squeezing out a sponge before wiping up a spill.

Here is a simple way to remove the liquid from a block of tofu.

  1. Place the block on a small plate.
  2. Place a second plate upside down on top of the block.
  3. Place a can of vegetables or other medium weight object on top of the the whole thing & allow to stand 20 minutes or more. You may wish to pour off some of the liquid halfway through draining.

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