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Jicama Cole Slaw and Julienne peeler demo

Jicama is a crunchy, sweet root vegetable. It makes a great addition to Coleslaw. Here in this video demonstration you will learn how to make a fast, easy, healthy version of a sweet and sour style coleslaw. Jicama, ginger and a secret lime dressing make this dish some together quickly. You will also see a […]

A Christmas Stocking Full of Tips & Tricks

Christmas stockings always seemed to hold a fun bunch of little surprises. Over the years, I have found pocket-sized games and toys, unique chocolates from around the world, and even a magic trick that I use to this day. Christmas stockings often get overlooked. Gift wrapped boxes with ribbons and bows tend to be the […]

Make the Most of Leftovers!

Leftovers can be a thing of beauty when transformed into an exciting new entree! Of course, the time savings alone is good motivation to cook a little extra to begin with and get more milage out of your food efforts. With a few basics that are easy to keep on hand & just a dash […]

New Game Plan for Game night

Time the servings. Build anticipation for each course by bringing out a few items at a time. Just becasuse it’s a smorgasboard, doesn’t mean you have to abandon the idea of eating in courses. Start with light items such as nuts, cheeses, and dips.

Peeling Garlic – Easy as 1-2-3!

Different Types of Cooking Oil – Making the Best Choice

From cooking to salads and dressings here is a guide by temperature:

Keep Foods from sticking to the grill

Cooking food over a grill gives great flavor, is low fat, and saves clean up time in the kitchen. When food sticks badly, it can even fall apart (especially fish or burgers) To prevent food from sticking to the grill, remove the grate while the grill is preheating. When you are ready to cook, place […]

A Simple way to drain Tofu

When using tofu in stir frys or other preparations, draining the liquid out of it can make a huge difference in the texture, flavor, and browning of this food. Since tofu has little to no flavor of it’s own, it takes on  other flavors really well. A key to that is getting the liquid out […]

Storing Fresh Herbs – A Garden in your Fridge

To keep herbs such as Cilantro or Parsley fresh for up to 10 days:   Pick off any leaves around the base of the stem area Trim the end of the stems so they are even and all are freshly cut Place the herbs in a stable shaped coffee mug that won’t tip over Fill […]