Emotions Vs Feelings

Emotions are energy in motion. It is important to distiguish between Emotions and Feelings so you can manage them both. Here are the primary emotions and an associated feeling for each:

Sadness/lonely Joy/confident Anger /dissatisfied Love/ tolerant Fear/stressed Peace/calm

Emotions and associated Feelings

Adopting these habits will help you become a more Emotionally Healthy person:

Focus on the Positive – Look at what is working for you and dwell on that. See solutions rather than obstacles; look at what you are able to do and what is in your control.

Surround yourself with other Positive people – Avoid listening to complainers and negative people. These people are an energy drain, don’t be willing to let them exhaust your own vitality. Look for people who smile and laugh more often.

Set Boundaries and be Assertive when necessary – Guard your time and commitments. Know when you need to say no.

Be willing to Let Go of the Past – Look to the possibilities of the future rather than cling to something that didn’t work out. If it was such a bummer the first time around, why relive it over and over again?

Look for ways to Make Life Fun and Interesting – Whether in the workplace, at home, or with friends, know what makes you happy and choose to do more of that! Do what you can to brighten someone else’s day.

Wisely Choose How to Expend your Energy – Let go of anger about others may have treated you. Rather, use the incident as awareness how not to let it happen again.

Continually Learn and Grow towards independence – Be a lifelong learner open to new ideas. Learn to trust yourself and your and judgment to make the best decisions for You.

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