Gratitude Leads to Happiness

Even when time are challenging we can all find something to be grateful for. Even if it is as simple as a safe drive to the grocery store.  Studies show that people who recognize gratitude on a daily basis also feel happiness more often and more easily.

A gratitude journal is a great tool in maintaining an “Attitude of Gratitude”. Each night I write 3 things I am grateful for. Just a sentence or two is all it takes. Try it, and see how it affects you and the people around you.

Yours truly has contributed two essays to a #1 “Hot New Release” on Amazon. The Gratitude Book Project is a collection of 365 essays to inspire you each day. Perfect to read together with a friend or loved one.  Sales proceeds will support important non-profits.

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Cover of the Gratitude Book Project on Amazon THE GRATITUDE BOOK PROJECT: 


is a #1 “Hot New Release” on”

Here is one of the essays. The book is full of short, sweet stories like this:

I am grateful for what my grandparents taught me about sharing meals. When I was growing up, I had an “aha moment” about food.

It came on a Sunday afternoon when I was eleven years old. I was seated at the table in my grandparent’s dining room. As we had done for years, three generations (11 of us all together) gathered to share a Sunday dinner. Noni and Grandpa had both immigrated from Italy and brought their deep cultural roots here to America.

I suddenly realized the food on the table was wholesome, real food, prepared from the heart to feed all of us there. From that day, I have embraced the belief that the meals we eat should be fresh, real food that is as close as possible to how it is raised. Whenever possible, meals should be shared in a spirit of fellowship and gratitude. This belief has served me well and has kept me healthy for many years. I have found that sharing meals in a peaceful environment makes them much more enjoyable and, in my opinion, more nourishing in many ways.

As much as anything, I am grateful for you, dear readers.

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