Healthy Snacks for your next Road Trip

Ah, Summer time and the open road beckons…  What else says summer more than the great American road trip.? Time to pack up the car, load up the kids, pick a destination, and take off!

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Of course the biggest hazard you will face is all the tempting fast food and salty snacks. If you want to stick to your good eating habits, a good offense is the best defense. Packing along a cooler full of healthy snacks will help avoid temptation and minimimize the damage from occasional lapses in judgement.

Be sure to chose foods that will hold up well to being knocked around in the cooler. Here is a list of my personal favorites:

Hummus ( I like Sabra brand) and baby carrots

Apple and Almond Butter

Cheese and Crackers (a good sharp cheddar)

Snyder’s Hard Sourdough Pretzels (also yummy with almond butter)

Grapes (red is a personal favorite)

Dark Chocolate (ChocoLove Cherry and Chilies)

Lara Bars (chocolate coconut)

Corn Tortilla Chips (be sure to get the unflavored ones) and guacamole


When it comes to fast food choices, steer toward Taco Bell or Subway for the healthiest options. If you can find a Garbonzo’s or Bombay Bowl, those a re great picks too. Garbonzo’s serves middle eastern food and Bombay Bowl has delicious and fresh Indian meals. Both travel well if you need to eat in the car or better yet, stop at a scenic spot along your route and enjoy eating outside.

Traveling doesn’t have to mean abandoning the good eatinghabits you have worked hard to put in place. With a little thought and determination, you can hit the road and come home with a smile on your face.

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