Hello world!

Brlllliing!! And we’re off!

Among the countless food/cooking blogs this one is, well, mine. My aim is to provide useful info to you, educate, and perhaps even make you laugh (OK, I’ll settle for a smirk as long it’s accompanied by a vocalization of some kind, and topped with an exhalation).

Please allow me to introduce myself, I am know as The Mobile Chef here in Summit County, CO where I live. You can call me Tom. More than anything, I love to eat wholesome meals that make me feel good after eating. If Ican help someone else to achieve the same, then mission accomplished.

Although I live high in the Colorado Rocky Mountains (where we have 2 seasons, summer, and the rest of the year, known locally as”Fwing”), I am originally from Long Island. It is there where I grew up under the influence (yes decidedly so, but that’s another story) of my fathers Italian immigrant grandparents that my appreciation for fine food began. The journey is lifelong and has taken me halfway around the world to Thailand.

Through the screen in front of you, I will share what I can about fantastic food, healthy eating and happy living. Please visit often and invite your friends, there’s always enough for one more.

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