It’s All in your Attitude!

Ever been told you have a great attitude?


Well let’s change that right now!

The way we look at a situation, our attitude about it, determines how easy or hard that situation is for us to handle. If you are experiencing challenges in adopting new healthier habits, this list of affirmations is for you. If you are succeeding at reaching your health goals and want to keep it that way, this list is also for you!

Since our thoughts create our reality, affirmations work because they help keep our thoughts focused on the experience we wish to draw into our lives. Say them out loud whenever possible. Put emotion behind them always.


I Create My Life, I Create the exact level of my health and wellness.

I take time for myself every day.

I play the wellness game to win. My intention is to create an exceptional quality of life.

I admire and model vibrant and healthy people.

I believe that great health is important. Eating right is freedom and makes life more enjoyable.

I stay healthy and strong doing what I love.

I watch what I eat because I choose to, not because I have to.

I am truly grateful for all the health I have now.

Healthy choices always come my way.

I am willing to constantly learn and grow.

My capacity to create, keep, and enjoy my well-being expands day by day.

© 2017 Tom Castrigno

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