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Indian Inner Peace

Note: this is part 3 in a 4 part series – search tag “seasonings” to see all posts.

Kashmiri Lamb Chop & Bengali Spinach

Indian cuisine features a rich blend of spices. I could spend an hour just closing my eyes and savoring the scent of each of them. Cumin, turmeric, coriander, cinnamon, ginger, all so hypnotic!

Each is renowned in it’s own right for benefits ranging from digestive support (ginger) to anti-inflammatory properties (turmeric). So aside from being a delight to the senses, it is a very healthy way to eat.

One of the key techniques is to fry the spices first before adding food ingredients. This deepens the flavor incredibly. Ghee, or clarified butter, is the cooking medium of choice due to it’s light flavor and ability to withstand high heat. Vegetable oil is on OK substitute if necessary.

Here is the guide that follows the same format as the other posts in the series:

Indian Inner Peace

OILS:           Ghee   Vegetable Oil     Butter

SOUR:          Lemon or Lime Juice

SAVORY:          Ginger   Jalapeno    Garlic Chili Powder


Cilantro   Mint    Cumin     Coriander   Garam Masala   Nutmeg    Cinnamon

Turmeric   Black Mustard Seed     Cumin Seed      Fennel Seed

SWEETNERS:    Maple Syrup     Brown Sugar     Cardamom

EXTRAS:          Raisins     Shredded Coconut

NUTS:          Almonds     Cashews          Filberts

DAIRY:          Yogurt          Cottage Cheese          Crème Fraiche

VEGETABLES: Eggplant   Spinach          Cauliflower    Carrots   Tomato   Onion   Potato

Butternut Squash    Cabbage     Lentils   Chick Peas  Cucumber

GRAINS:           Basmati Rice

Here are some examples. Remember, cooking is one part recipe & 4 parts inspiration. Let the spirit flow through you and into the food you are preparing.

~ Heat Ghee or Oil in a non-stick skillet and add some Cumin Seed, Mustard Seeds, and Brown Sugar to the pan. When the sugar has caramelized, add minced Jalapeno Pepper, and Garam Masala. Cook Briefly and then add steamed Spinach (be sure to drain it thoroughly). Add Shredded Coconut and Blanched Almonds and mix together well. Serve with a sprinkle of Nutmeg and squirt of Fresh Lemon.

~ Combine Lentils, water, Ground Coriander and sliced Fresh Ginger in a small saucepan and bring to a boil. Cover and reduce heat and cook until lentils are tender (20 minutes for red or up to 45 for brown). Serve over steamed Basmati Rice.

 ~ Mash a freshly baked Butternut Squash into a puree (or use frozen winter squash, completely thawed). Season with Turmeric, Cayenne, Nutmeg, Ginger, and Orange Juice. Heat Oil or Ghee in a non-stick Skillet,  add some Brown Sugar and cook until it turns reddish brown. Toss in some seeded and chopped Fresh Tomatoes and cook until shiny. Mix in the seasoned Puree and heat thoroughly.


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