Storing Fresh Herbs – A Garden in Your Fridge

Nothing is worse than buying a fresh bunch of herbs and the only getting to a little amount one time before they go bad. Say goodbye to that black, soggy lump of cilantro that is only 3 days old.

Fresh Herbs add sparkle as a topping for many dishes or tossed into salads to liven them up.

To keep herbs such a such as Cilantro or Parsley fresh for up to 10 days:

1) Pick off any leaves around the base of the stem area

2) Trim the end of the stems so they are even and all are freshly cut

3) Place the herbs in a stable shaped coffee mug that won’t tip over

4) Fill the mug with one inch of water, making sure that no  leaves are in the water

5) Put a produce bag loosly over the whole thing and keep it in the refrigerator.

Fresh Herbs in a cup

Make a fresh cut across the base and pick off an leaves at the bottom

Remove Leaves from the bas area & make a clean cut across the bottom of the stems befor putting the bunch into a cup with a little water in it.

Step 2 - Put a bag loosely over the whoe thing

Put a produce bag loosley over the whole bunch

Place a plastic bag loosely over the whole thing and store the whole thing in the fridge.

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