What is The Confidence Diet?

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Take a step towards the health you are meant to have.

When you eat with confidence, there is no need to count calories, or weigh portions. You will be eating real food that tastes great. You will get to eat more often. How much fun is that? You will look good and feel great. The health that you are meant to have will naturally blossom within you. Eating with confidence is about including more varieties of foods, not about making anything off limits. There is no deprivation. You choose what foods to include to support your goals. These habits make up a lifestyle that is worth striving for because it is a sustainable way to support your health.

A big part of the Confidence Diet is an awareness that your day to day experience is fully based on the way you think. As Henry Ford said, “if you think you can, you can”. If you think and believe that the regular practice of eating simple non-processed foods will make your health goals a reality, it will.  If you accept that you are able to make a habit of healthy eating, you will adopt these habits. If you believe that you will get the same results as others who do this, then you will enjoy the benefits as well. In this regard, you must know in your heart and have confidence that you will succeed when you truly put your mind to eating with confidence.Blue Fountain

Letting go of old habits can be a difficult and challenging process. We must understand what beliefs our habits are based upon. What thoughts underlie your beliefs? Where did they come from? Do you truly agree with these thoughts or do you simply accept them because they have been drilled into your head? In his book “Evolve Your Brain”, Joe Dispensa talks about thought patterns (neurons that fire together) that have become so “hard wired”, they simply happen on their own. Our challenge, Dispensa says, is to notice when these thoughts are occurring. When an old thought pattern is “running”, that is the time to break up that neural network by choosing a new thought. Ideally, the new thought would be one you wish to replace the old thought with. The directive here is to literally “think again”. In practice, any new thought will begin to break down the old network and it’s beliefs. “Neurons that no longer fire together, will no longer wire together”, says Dispensa.

It is the combination of knowledge about what good food choices are along with an awareness of the thoughts and feelings that lead us away from poor choices that sets The Confidence Diet apart. Each of us has our own personal conflicts when it comes to eating habits. Resolving these conflicts is the basis for building the confidence we need to stay on the path to great health.

The Confidence Diet is suitable for people with specific dietary needs. In fact the diet is even more important for diabetics, vegetarians, or people facing any particular chronic health issue. If you fall into this category, your body is telling you it needs careful attention.


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Fresh whole foods are delicious!

There are no pre-packaged foods, liquid supplements, or pills you must buy or take. There are no required monthly fees. This is about supporting your body with real, whole food that is full of life energy. The only requirement is a commitment on your part to do your best in taking control of your own health by using a common sense approach. You can do this! You have the ability!

The fast pace of the modern world leaves many of us with little time or energy to prepare fresh food. Consequently, we often skip meals, or even worse, turn to “convenience” foods to handle the time crunch. As the demand for easy to fix meals has increased, the quality of these “foods” has decreased. Read the label of any typical product and see how many ingredients you recognize, let alone can pronounce. Grocery store shelves are stocked with soups, sauces, prepared food, and frozen meals that are loaded with salt, refined sugar and fat. While there is a movement towards reducing sodium, trans-fats, and high fructose corn syrup in processed foods, they are nonetheless processed and contain very little life energy when compared with unprocessed foods.

Smart shoppers have begun to recognize this, and some have turned to restaurants for better quality food. But many times the emphasis at these eateries is on entrees dominated by meat with a mere garnish of vegetables. There is a tendency toward rich, thick, sauces based on fat and sugar. This food sells because so many people are addicted to it. Such meals can leave a person with that heavy, stuffed feeling that we all know too well.

The Confidence Diet is about knowing that eating a variety of seasonal whole foods is the surest path to health. It is about having confidence that this a life long habit worth striving for. It is about having confidence in your own ability to create this habit.

It is is no surprise that the best food to support our health is food we prepare ourselves. With some basic kitchen skills, you can easily prepare nutritious, well rounded meals. The whole, fresh foods found around the outside edges of the grocery store are very economical when used wisely and can help you save money on your food bill. Eating these foods will also give you more energy, help you think more clearly, and look your best. In today’s world, people are becoming more and more aware of what they are eating. The old saying “You are What You Eat”, has never been more appropriate.

Visit the other posts on this blog and see if they sound like a good fit for you. When your ready, download one of the free reports so you can begin to learn how to have the health you deserve.

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