Gratitude Leads to Happiness

Even when time are challenging we can all find something to be grateful for. Even if it is as simple as a safe drive to the grocery store.  Studies show that people who recognize gratitude on a daily basis also feel happiness more often and more easily. A gratitude journal is a great tool in […]

Strained Yogurt – a healthy alternative

The yogurt will thicken considerably the longer it stands. In the first stage it will be like sour cream. At this point it is great in dips, on sandwiches instead of mayonaise or in salads. Think curried potato salad…

Fail to Plan, or Plan to Fail? You decide!

March is National Nutrition Month. Can you guess the most important factor in eating right? More important than antioxidants, grams of sugar, or even calories?With so many diet plans and experts proclaiming “This is the way..”, how do you get to your own way of eating right? What one thing can you do to ensure […]

A Christmas Stocking Full of Tips & Tricks

Christmas stockings always seemed to hold a fun bunch of little surprises. Over the years, I have found pocket-sized games and toys, unique chocolates from around the world, and even a magic trick that I use to this day. Christmas stockings often get overlooked. Gift wrapped boxes with ribbons and bows tend to be the […]

Fermented Foods are your Best Friends!

Today we have the benefit of refrigeration to keep our food fresh. This is a relatively new occurrence. As little as 100 years ago many Americans used an icebox. They literally would get ice delivered to their home. Perhaps you have heard of the phrase, “the ice man cometh”. If the ice ran out, the […]

Storing Fresh Herbs – A Garden in Your Fridge

Nothing is worse than buying a fresh bunch of herbs and the only getting to a little amount one time before they go bad. Say goodbye to that black, soggy lump of cilantro that is only 3 days old.

About the 5 flavors & their connection to feelings of hunger

when all are present in a meal,your brain gets the signal that everything is A-OK and it is satisfied.

“Ponder The Plate”

It strengthens my connection to all the people who help feed me and fosters gratitude for the ability of our Earth to produce such abundance.

New Game Plan for Game Night

They say laughter is the best medicine, and laughing together with friends brings the added benefit of social bonding. … Once the games are underway, move on to entree type items like soups or meat skewers. When champions begin to emerge, let them lead the charge to the dessert table…

On digestive fire

Now think of grilled chicken and baked pototes. That ought to “stick to your ribs”. It is exactly that full, heavy feeling that signals a slow digestive process that can lead to bloating or weight gain.